Experts in installation and solar service and repair for the Honolulu, HI area

The best people providing the best energy solutions

At Island Solar Service, we've assembled an impressive team of solar service and repair experts to serve our clients in the Honolulu, HI area.

With all the intricate components involved in creating an effective solar energy solution for our vast amount of customers, we've learned that the vital element to our success in installation and solar service and repair is our people.


It goes without saying that the team here at Island Solar Service has received extensive education in the field of solar service and repair. But what we're passionate about is sharing that education and our experience with our customers.

So if you have any questions about solar power, and what kind of an impact it can make on your home or business, just ask! We're happy to talk to you. Our goal is to see every home and business in the Honolulu area less dependent on fossil fuels.


The solar service and repair experts with Island Solar Service in Honolulu have been on the cutting edge of solar panel technology for years.

Trust that you're getting the very best when it comes to your solar power installation needs.


At Island Solar Service, we're ready to show everyone in the Honolulu area how easy and affordable having solar power plan for your home or business really is.

Our customers are always shocked at how quickly their systems begin paying for themselves in reduced energy costs from other sources, and are always eager to share their stories with others.

Our solar service and repair experts are ready to help you get energized about solar energy as well! Talk to us today!
"Thank you for the fine workmanship on the installation of our solar heater. It's great again having hot water to shower and to do the dishes."

- Margaret Thompson
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