Maintenance and repair

Solar maintenance and repair in Honolulu, HI

When leaks, corrosion, rotting or rust are caught early, they will do much less damage to your solar systems. For instance, a solar storage tank is equipped with an internal sacrificial device called an anode rod that neutralizes corrosive elements in water.

Similar to oil in an automobile, this level should be checked regularly, saving you thousands in the long run.
At Island Solar Service we provide Hawaiian homeowners with a preventative maintenance service check-up, resulting in maximum performance that gives you the most in returns for your investment.

If you maintain and test your solar system components on a regular basis, this will reduce expensive emergency service calls and drastically increase the lifespan of your entire water heating system.
Our "twelve point" service checkup:
  1. Replacement of tank anode rod
  2. Replacement of safety valve devices
  3. Replacement of the automatic air relief device*
  4. Flushing of tank & panels
  5. Testing of the differential controller
  6. Activate controllers "high limit" safety function
  7. Inspection of the circulating pump
  8. Inspection of the electrical back-up heating circuit
  9. Repair and refinish collector pipe insulation (5 Feet)
  10. Cleaning of collector glazing*
  11. Reseal accessible roof penetrations
  12. General inspection of system and operation
A solar panel
Cost to complete - $350 plus tax

*May not apply to some devices; water filter devices not included.

Call us for more information or to arrange for a preventative solar maintenance service check-up in Honolulu, HI.
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