Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters in Honolulu, HI

Want to save up on your energy bills and go ecological in the same time? Our main offer is installation and maintenance of solar water heaters.

We use the best provider on the market right now, American Water Heaters, so that we can keep our promise that whatever you have installed is going to include the latest industry advancements.
How do solar water heaters work? We offer closed systems that use a non-toxic heat transfer fluid to warm up the water, as well as keeping it from freezing in the winter. All this can provide 70% of the energy needed to warm up water, all of it pulled from the sun. 
Our offer comes with the full package. Our solar collectors are easy to set-up and low-maintenance. Their inside is made up of layers of high-quality materials, so that sunlight is caught efficiently, as well as keeping the system thermally isolated.
There is an easy to understand way of managing your solar system. The solar pump stations we install come with a screen from which you can monitor the water heating process, as well as having access to gauges and valves that control the flow, temperature and pressure of the system.
There are 4 components to solar water heaters. We use only the highest quality with the best warranties available in the market. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solution for the best possible price. 
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