Solar attic fans

Consider a solar powered attic fan in Honolulu, HI

When the sun is shining, the sun’s heat hits your roof and gets very hot. This heat heats your attic, stays in your attic and eventually enters your home.

Although attic insulation can stall hot air from seeping into your home, it doesn’t eliminate it.

If your attic is not well insulated, it won’t do much to prevent heat from getting through.

Furthermore, heat that seeps into your home extends well into the evening. An attic ventilation fan can drastically aid in cooling.
Solar powered attic ventilation runs off solar power exclusively. Outside air is then forced through the attic and out of the vent to cool your attic space. This means attic ventilation is a lot more effective than natural ventilation, due to air being exchanged at a greater rate per hour with a solar powered vent than with cooling methods like ridge vents, turbine vents, dormer vents and gable vents.

Solar powered attic ventilation is also much more environmentally friendly as no fossil fuels are burned in the powering of the fan.
Give us a call today to see if your home is a good candidate for a solar powered attic fan in Honolulu, HI.
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